Our beautiful Discovery apple tree

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with beekeeping here and weekly inspections during the season.  We have 2 hives of friendly Buckfast bees 🐝🐝🐝.  Happy to consider help with this in return for housing 1 or 2 bee hives here.

If you would like to volunteer at The Lotus Sanctuary 🌻🐌🦋🐝🌳, it is possible to come for one day on a regular basis to help in the garden and other retreat areas. A typical day may include all or some of the following:

  • Helping in the garden (there are several different areas, each with their own unique character) – planting, weeding, digging, harvesting, helping with composting or preparing the bonfire, clearing leaves, feeding plants, preparing the grounds for a retreat.
  • Helping with retreats – meeting and greeting participants and showing them around, helping with food and drinks and clearing up after retreats.
  • Maintenance tasks – according to your skills and experience. 

We currently need help with moving a summerhouse to another part of the garden and installing a new wood cabin for refreshments.

Sometimes you will do the activities in a group (if there are other volunteers) and sometimes alone. There may be ongoing projects too, like preparing ground for and sowing wild flower meadows. 

Meals and drinks can be provided if you wish and we can also cover travel expenses.

If you are interested in attending classes/events in return for volunteering, that is also possible.

Please contact us for more details on volunteering.