Reiki. Calms the mind. Empowers the soul. Fills the heart with compassion…

James Deacon

View from the front gate - often you see deer in the field at dawn and dusk

Reiki healing sessions

We also offer reiki healing sessions in our lovely treatment room in the garden here.

The Lotus Sanctuary offers the perfect environment for healing - being peaceful and surrounded by nature.

Please contact us for details.

What is Reiki?

The word “reiki” derives from two Japanese words: “rei” meaning universal and “ki” meaning life energy.

When our bodies are healthy, this energy flows freely through the chakras (energy centres) and meridians (energy channels).  Emotional or physical stress, trauma or negative thought patterns can disrupt the free flow of our ki and may result in physical symptoms where these blockages are prolonged over a period of time. Reiki promotes relaxation, reduces stress and improves and maintains natural good health by triggering the body’s natural healing abilities.

The 7 chakras or energy centres correspond to specific physical organs and relate to specific aspects of our consciousness. By clearing blockages at the level of the chakras the body is restored to its optimal energetic state.

How does a Reiki session work?

You discuss with us any health issues and questions.  You then lie down or sit fully clothed.  We place our hands on or just above your body and identify any energy blockages.  We then work on those using a series of positions and channel the reiki.

You should feel the reiki flowing through and around you and working on any energetic blockages. The reiki energy flows to where it is needed to heal.

Reiki treats body, mind and spirit and offers many benefits including feelings of relaxation, peace, well- being and security. At the end of the session, you will be offered a drink of water to help flush away any toxins.

We also offer online Reiki sessions.